Our Research
Premature Ejaculation #1 Brand in the USA!
Most Recommended PE Solution by Doctors & Sexual Experts!
How are we so sure that Pelay really works?

You can find positive reviews, success stories, and even real doctors' recommendations all over the internet. People on social media speak publicly about the outstanding results of Pelay, and YouTube is full of reviews, unpacking and comparing videos of Pelay. It looks like everybody who has ever tried Pelay instantly loves it.

But this was not enough for us!

Before we decided to become an Official Pelay Resellers, we wanted to make sure for real. We didn't want put our time and money into promoting something that might not be helping our customers, as it would just be a waste of both time and money.

So we decided to make OUR OWN RESEARCH. The only data we can truly trust.

We made a website about Pelay and offered it to first 60 customers for free in exchange for filling in a questionnaire. Anybody could order a Starter Pack of Pelay (one Gel and one Applier) and we delivered it for free. Then, after few uses of the Pelay we asked them to fill in the questionnaire about the quality of the results, their satisfaction and so.

  • Most of the customers were from US, with some from Europe and Asia.
  • All were aged between 20 and 65 years.
  • All of them had problems with PE. Average intercourse time was 3 minutes.
  • And we "sold" our 60 packages of Pelay in about 3 hours.
56 out of 60

Guys confirmed significant increase of intercourse time before they ejaculated. So for 56 out of 60 guys, Pelay just WORKS!

15.2 minutes longer

On average, all of the guys were able to last 15.2 minutes longer! A huge change after the original 3 minutes without Pelay Gel!


We also asked them about other matters we were interested in, such as difficulty of use, reducing enjoyment of sex or transmission of the Gel into their partner.


Asked men said that the usage of Pelay Gel is simple and easy. They all tried it with and also without the Pelay Applier.


Only 5 guys noticed some reduction in the pleasure of sex. This is a big deal when you compare Pelay to competitive products.


Only 2 sexual partners of our test group's men noted some effect of the Pelay on them (on women). So, transmission is not an issue.


ALL of our customers who received our Pelay Pack confirmed that it was delivered 100% discreetly. Nobody knew what was inside the box.


57 out of 60 guys who tested Pelay and also suffer from Premature Ejaculation confirmed, they are satisfied with the product and will consider buying it again!

We truly expected some great results, but we were not prepared to see this. The guys thanked us for the product, and several of them instantly preordered new bottles of Pelay Gel. That was the moment when we decided to became an official Pelay Reseller.

If you are interested, read some of the User Reviews we‘ve received over time. Or take a look at the FULL Records from our Research bellow.