Incredible tips to prevent premature ejaculation naturally in all the ways.

Premature ejaculation PE is just what the name replies. It’s a condition that costs when to cum prematurely after a couple of seconds in intercourse. This results in the ending of sex and both partners can’t enjoy the full pleasures of sex. Premature ejaculation is widely referred to as to come after 30 seconds to 3 minutes after penetration. It’s estimated that 40% of men will definitely suffer from it in their lives. The cause of premature ejaculation PE remains unclear up till today but is mostly related to the following issues:

  • Infections that cause inflammation in t   he prostate or urethra
  • Abnormalities with levels of neurotransmitters and brain chemicals
  • An overactive or under-reactive thyroid
  • Lack of control over ejaculatory reflexes
  • Erratic hormone levels

People have produced countless medications to help cure premature ejaculation PE but have failed and those that worked had one to many short and long term disadvantages. Only Pelay a completely natural ejaculation controller has met the needs of millions of men around the world. There are a fair amount of ways to prevent or overcome premature ejaculation some are:

Kegel Exercises/Pubococcygeus PC Muscle Training

Kegel exercises can do wonders for men the simple premise of Kegel exercises involves flexing the Pubococcygeus PC muscle which helps to control male ejaculation. You can realize what Pubococcygeus PC is by pretending to pee and then forcibly cutting it off. It’s the same muscle that you use to control the flow urine and the best part about this is that it can be done virtually anywhere. It’s recommended that you stay in a relaxed posture where your abdominal muscles and thighs are fully relaxed. These are most effective when done on a daily basis so 3 times a day flex the Pubococcygeus PC muscles approximately for 5 second then take a minute to breath and repeat.


Stop-Start Technique

This is a much more real time method and is doable with some restraint. When you’re having sex and are close to blowing your load take your penis out and wait for 30 seconds before continuing with sexual activity. Before continuing your sexual activity changing the positing can prove very prudent and useful for lasting longer when changing to positions that are less stimulating for male and more for women. This method is extremely useful when used with Pelay the ejaculation controller and helps lasts up to couple of hours.

Penis Tip Squeeze Method and Testes Tug Method

This methods work very well with the start and stop techniques. It entails taking the penis out before climaxing and squeeze the area where your glands meet the shaft. This has proved very helpful and can be practiced alone. Just remember to keep squeezing the head of the penis for a couple of seconds and wait at least a minute before starting again. Just keep repeating this until your partner is satisfied and you can cum then. The testes tug method follows the same logic as the tip squeeze method. The only difference is that rather than squeezing the tip of the penis your testes down before you’re about to ejaculate. When a man ejaculates his testes rises slightly higher by pulling it down can stop the climax effectively.

Perineum Pressure

For those who don’t know the Perineum is located between the anus and scrotum. By applying pressure in the Perineum you can directly contact the prostate gland and in turn you can stop the stream of ejaculation fluids via the Perineum.

Masturbate Before Sex

This is probably the most widely known, effective and used method out there for people that suffer from premature ejaculation PE. It’s common knowledge that masturbating 2 or 1 hour before sex can bring down sensitivity of the penis considerably so you can perform a lot better and don’t cum instantly you penetrate her helping you last longer. With the help of Pelay that can reduce sensitivity of the penis this method can easily help last an hour or two. With Pelay you don’t have to worry about not enjoying sex it acts as a lubricant increasing the pleasure of sex but stopping you from climaxing m truly a wise decision for lasting longer in bed. And since it’s made from only natural ingredients with no negative side effects in short or long term it is considered a natural way of stopping premature ejaculation PE.


Deep Breaths

For those who suffer with premature ejaculation PE the sheer arousal gained from sex is enough to make them cum. This has been the case with many young adults, some couldn’t even last till they got in the vagina. It’s recommended you remember to take deep breaths throughout the course of your sexual activity to keep the arousal at a bearable level.

Mental Control & Confidence

For many young men one of the highest reported issue before having sex with the anxiety to perform well. According to research conducted many young adults were full focused on performing the best they can and ended up over straining their selves. The lack of confidence in young adults led them to believe if they don’t perform well they will be looked down upon. Thinking of it as a moment of love you share between your loved one and not as a means to pleasure yourself and ejaculate. Men who used Pelay and were suffering due to their low self of esteem and confidence reported a major boost after the use of Pelay in their self of esteem and confidence and performed exceptionally well.


Distract Yourself and Natural Products

While having sex if you are too focused on having pleasure or giving pleasure it actually ends up back firing. It’s recommended while having sex you think about some non sex related things like math. Math has proven to be a major down turner while though of during sex.

None of these helped much? There’s no need to worry, for those who are looking for a natural way to stop premature ejaculation PE using Pelay is the perfect option. Made from 100% natural occurring ingredients and minerals with guaranteed no industrial additives is the perfect natural fit for pro-longing your sex life.