Fact or Myth – Could last longer in bed guarantee better sex?

It’s an age-old stereotype, isn’t it? Some might even consider it to be somewhat of a joke. After all, it’s teased about in movies, television, magazines, music, etc. What is the big joke? Lasting longer in bed. From this dilemma has come the term “one minute man”, along with a multitude of others that label men who unfortunately struggle with lasting longer in sex before reaching the point of ejaculation. This issue has become a phenomenon of its own in pop culture, and sometimes it is even viewed as some kind of competition, which can sometimes make it difficult to realize the real struggle behind the problem.


Premature ejaculation affects men all over the world

In fact, as many as 30% of men struggle with the issue, for a multitude of reasons. Premature ejaculation can exist because of inexperience or age, sexual infrequency, anxiety or depression, overall health, or even more serious medical issues. Most of the time, it is a problem that can be treated one way or another. While some men simply grow out of it with time and experience, for others, it is an issue they can struggle with the rest of their lives without proper help and treatment. And of course, the worst part can often feel like a lack of sex altogether, or sexual experiences being less than fulfilling for both parties involved.

Of course, sex isn’t fun for anyone if it ends almost immediately after it starts. For women, studies have shown that it can take fifteen minutes or longer to achieve orgasm, and while there are other ways of satisfying your partner without penetrative sex, ultimately the goal of the whole intimate experience is to share it together, and making it a long-lasting experience. Whether you’re in a casual sexual relationship and don’t want to be embarrassed by your struggles with premature ejaculation, or in a long-term, serious relationship and you’re worried about consistently letting down your partner with your issue, it’s no laughing matter.


One minute man

Let’s go back to that stereotype for a minute. The “one minute man” is the bud of the joke, and even if you’re living silently with the struggles of premature ejaculation, you know that you simply don’t want that to be you. Everyone wants a fulfilling sex life, and typically that includes longer sexual experiences. Even if you are able to satisfy your partner, it’s never a great feeling to have to end something that feels so incredible so quickly. While the importance of making your sexual partner feel good and feel satisfied is of course something to think about, it’s also important to think about yourself, and your own sexual health and satisfaction. It’s time to stop living as a “one minute man”.

Luckily, as stated above, there are solutions to premature ejaculation that can guarantee better sex by allowing you to last longer in bed. The first thing to do, however, is to figure out why you might be struggling with this problem to begin with. As we already know, premature ejaculation can be caused from a lot of different things, and if you feel as though it may be something medical related, it’s important to see your doctor and get an overall physical health exam. Perhaps your issue could be related to something as simple as diet and exercise, but it could also be a health issue that requires medical attention. This is the rarity for premature ejaculation, but it is something to take into consideration.

If you find you are in good health with no medical issues to speak of, problems of premature ejaculation could be arising from anxiety, depression, inexperience, new sexual partners, or simply just a sort of ‘fluke’ that seems to happen more often than not. This undoubtedly will cause a strain on your self-confidence, and could also cause a strain on your relationship and sex life as a whole. Once medical issues are ruled out, it’s time to figure out what you can do to last longer in bed, and have better sex overall.

But there are some options on the market…

There are options on the market, such as pills, lotions, creams, etc. and they all basically advertise the same thing; lasting longer in bed and preventing premature ejaculation. The problem with some of these products can be a bit startling, however. Some require you to use them hours before having sex, and some even require you to use them daily. Even then, effects can last only minutes, and can reduce sensitivity to the point where you’re not getting any enjoyment from sex anyway. Many of these products use Lidocaine, or a similar substance that is regularly used as a local anesthetic, and can cause many issues due to the sensitive skin of the penis, not just for you, but for your partner.

Love conflict

Luckily, there is a better solution!

Pelay is a unique combination of Pelay Gel, and Pelay Applier, and when used together, can give you the best sex of your life by allowing you to last longer in bed. You simply apply the Pelay Gel using the Pelay Applier, and in just four minutes, you will feel a decrease in sensitivity. You don’t need to use it every day, or apply it hours before you want to have sex. It works almost instantly in lowering your sensitivity. However, you’ll still be able to enjoy the full sensation of sex, and so will your partner, with the gel’s natural lubricant. Decreased sensitivity lasts up to 45 minutes, and there are no scary chemicals here! In fact, in every single rigorous test Pelay has been through, there have been absolutely no negative side effects. It is dermatologically tested, and hypoallergenic, so no one has to worry about Lidocaine or any similar substances.

Take back your sex life, stop worrying about premature ejaculation, and don’t ever be considered a “one minute man” again. Pelay will work for you, help you to last longer in bed, and allow you to have the better sex you and your partner desire, and deserve!