10 Things You Can Do When You Are Able To Control Premature Ejaculation

One of the greatest challenges man has faced since the beginning of time is premature ejaculation PE and how to last longer in bed with the opposite sex. We don’t mean being in bed with like a dead fish we mean, being in bed fully active and taking part in sexual intercourse in a rather sensual manner. Man has followed his primal instincts since the dawn of mankind in order to satisfy the opposite sex. But for ages has been plagues by issues such as premature ejaculation PE and lot lasting long enough like their partners.

For those who wanted to cure their premature ejaculation PE they didn’t have much freedom of choice. Their options were extremely limited and even today are. But now with the help of Pelay the dream of those with premature ejaculation PE of lasting longer than their partner can be realized. At one point men have thought what’s the point of lasting longer in bed? And even today some inexperienced growing adults wonder the same thing. Here are 10 things you can do and gain benefit from when you are able to control premature ejaculation but the things you can do and gain are not limited to these.



If a man can learn how to control his premature ejaculation last longer in bed, he will be able to thoroughly satisfy any woman he has sex with, be it their wife or girlfriend or just some girl they picked up in a bar for a one night stand, even if all at once. In a nut shell overcoming premature ejaculation PE and lasting longer in bed, is the first step towards having an attractive and active sexual life that every women would want partake in. With Pelay that dream can become a reality. Pelay reduces penis sensitivity that allows you to last longer than 45 minutes at the very least so that you can enjoy intercourse to your hearts satisfaction.

No More Embarrassment

Men feel extreme embarrassment every time they ejaculate prematurely. It’s a major blow to their pride   and confidence. With the help of Pelay you will not just be able to satisfy her fully and have intercourse longer but she will be amazed at your newly found stamina and endurance. By the end of she would be the one asking for a time out and not you.

No More Feeling Inexperienced

You will come across girls that have had much more experience than you when it comes to sex. You feel a little inferior and due to you being still being a newbie you can’t handle the stimulation and blow your load. For you to learn how to be good at sex you need to have it for extended periods but for those who prematurely ejaculate or just can’t last long enough this proves rather hard. But with the help Pelay you can easily keep at it for over an hour learning different techniques and strategize to satisfy your partner. Thee with your new found stamina thanks to Pelay will blow your partner away in a fury of ecstasy while you amass more experience.

sex-couple-in-bed-pelayRegaining Confidence

When someone prematurely ejaculates people might think of it as funny and laugh and unknowingly (or knowingly) hurt your confidence. Who can blame them it’s embarrassing. But with Pelay you never have to worry about that ever. It’s guaranteed to make you last longer than 45 minutes under any circumstances and help you regain your confidence. It is due to confidence that many men without a lot of money or god gifted looks can be with much more attractive and financially stable people then they themselves are.

Over Come Your Genetic programming

Believe it or not our primal instincts are set to ejaculate as soon as possible in order to copulate. Needless to say this doesn’t lead to a very happy sex life. That is why people developed techniques to pleasure themselves more over the years. But those with premature ejaculation PE are bound to their primal instincts. But with the help of Pelay they can easily suppress their instincts and fully enjoy long lasting intercourse.

Increase In Sexual Knowledge

Doing it for a minute or two will keep you at the level of a newbie for your whole life that can’t even satisfy even one woman properly. But now with Prelay you can easily learn, practice and invent your techniques to pleasure your partner in ways that can’t even imagine. Increasing your sexual knowledge will provide you with a means to overpower your partner during intercourse and take full advantage.

Learning the Secrets

Needless to say every women’s vagina is not the same they have their own different sensitive and dull spots. But for someone who can’t last longer than 3 minutes finding them is a far dream not to mention finding them for multiple women. But With Pelay you can keep at it for hours and find her G-spot no matter how long it takes or how many tries.

Lovely couple hugging on their bed at home

Knowledge of the Female Body

Most people believe that the only erogenous zone on a women’s body is their vagina. They couldn’t be more wrong there are multiple erogenous zone spread throughout the female body just waiting to be discovered and taken advantage off. You need to invest time and attention while reading the partners reaction to understand where her erogenous zones are. But to do so you need to keep at it for quite a while and it’s something that can be accomplished in 10 – 20 minutes. With Pelay you can last as long as you want and by applying more Pelay you can make your penis even less sensitive and take your time pleasuring her. As you find new ways to pleasure her she will start to fall more deeply for you in comparison to when you just through of ways to pleasure her through vagina.

Become Perfect

As you start lasting more with Prelay you will star realizing all her weak spots and erogenous zones. You will learn more strategize and techniques, then you could have learned while ejaculating prematurely. You will learn what she like and what she doesn’t, then turning into the man she dreams of.