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Pelay is a specially-designed combination of the revolutionary Pelay Applier and Pelay Gel developed by a team of American doctors, scientists & nutritionist to treat premature ejaculation on demand.

Pelay is dermatologically tested and is 100% safe to use on a daily basis, with no negative side-effects.

Simple & Fast to Use be ready when she is ready

1) Just apply few drops of the Gel onto your Penis
2) Use the Applier to rub the Gel in
3) Wait 4 minutes prior to intercourse

You don‘t have to use it daily. Use it when the time comes. On demand, fast and with outstanding results.

You can use the Pelay Gel without the Applier. The time necessary to absorb active ingredients will be extended to 10 minutes. The results of the Gel will remain the same.

OUR OWN RESEARCH on real 60 PELAY CUSTOMERS speaks clearly:
93.3% Of Men Experienced Longer Intercourse
15.2 min Average increase of Sexual Time Before Ejaculation

Plus about 95% of all our tested customers also confirmed:

No reduced pleasure of sexual intercourse after use of Pelay No transmission of the Gel into the partner Full satisfaction with usage of the Gel and the results

Just take a look at this overall graph:

Graph 1. We offered our 60 customers a Pelay Starter Pack for free in exchange
for completing a questionnaire after using the Pelay.

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